Arthur’s view of superannuation.

Arthur walked through the park the way he walked through life, slowly but surely.

Why should he pay a bus fare when his office was only a few miles from his home, he reckoned.

Today, he was thinking about the new Superannuation rules and how they would affect his investments.

To say Arthur was parsimonious would be unkind but to say he was very, very careful with his heard earned wealth would perhaps be underestimating things.

His view of life was that you always had to plan for the future.

No exotic holidays for him and his family. No lavish Christmas or birthday presents.

The reason for this was that Arthur wanted his family to be secure.

The money saved on holidays was put in to Arthur’s Super fund.

The money saved on presents for the children was put in to their individual savings funds.

By doing this Arthur felt sure he and his wife would be secure in their old age, the kids would have money to fund their university years.

It was probably because Arthur was still thinking about the new Superannuation rules that he didn’t see the No 19 bus that hit him.

He should have, it was very large, very red and very difficult to miss.

He might, though, as he lay dying in the road, have seen the advertising poster clearly displayed on the side of the bus, it read “Planning for the future? Think Superannuation”.