I hadn’t thought he’d try to do it.

I hadn’t thought that he’d really try to do it. Not actually try to put ‘his thing’ inside me.

I know I’d let him walk me home and I know that I was wearing the purple dress my Mum had said would make men notice me and had my hair done in the way Aunt Joan had said would make me the most attractive woman in the room but I didn’t think he’d actually try to do it.

I mean it was all right when he tried to put his tongue in my mouth, I didn’t let him of course, and it was almost all right when he tried to put his hand on my little titties, Mum said they might be little but they’re firm and men liked firm titties, I mean I had expected that because I know that’s what men do, but to try to put his thing inside me, that was too much.

It’s a shame, I must admit, cos he was sweet, with that crooked smile and the little scar on his lip and the bald spot he tried to hide by growing the rest of his hair long and brushing it across it and the tie with the little bunnies but he really shouldn’t have tried to put ‘his thing’ inside me.

I think there’s room for him in the cellar, Mum and Aunt Joan will like him, they liked all the others I brought home.