Descartes remembered.

“I thought therefore I was’.

That’s the credo I lived by on earth,

Thinking defined who you were, separated you from other people.

But things were different here on Zephyr Star 2, here all the thinking was done by the Chief High Protector – we all thought the same way, the way the Chief High protector told us to think.

Every day we were connected to the Thought Machine and that was that.

It took everyday decisions out of your hands, you didn’t have to think, you just did.

Of course, this made us all much more productive. ‘Less distraction, more
production’ was the call.

Less time wasted in leisure hours, too. No more zapping between TV channels, no more having to decide which film to watch, everything was decided for you.

And, of course, it made you more confident. What you did was right because it was the Chief High Protector’s way and there wasn’t any other way.

One day recently though, the Thought Machine broke down. What a day that was, chaos, utter chaos. Everybody running around doing their own thing, thinking their own thoughts, making their own decisions.

Sure it was fun for a time but we couldn’t have kept it up for long, far too exhausting.

I’m sure that I can speak for everyone on Zephyr Star 2 when I say we were delighted when the Thought Machine was fixed.

“Rene Descartes was a silly old fart” now where did that came from?