Her favourite blue scarf.

Alice loved her blue scarf. It was a faded cornflower blue and reminded her of going to the countryside as a child, of all the beautiful cornflowers that grew in the garden of the rented cottage the family visited each year.

My how she had loved those years. As the only child she had been totally spoilt, indulged in her every whim.

Not only that, she had really enjoyed sitting on her father’s knee, having him tickle her and touch her in all those ‘naughty’ places. And getting the scarf as
a present for not telling Mummy.

She had told her mother about it, of course, but only the once when she wanted her daddy not to do the things any more because they were hurting her but as her mother had told her not to be a stupid girl and to stop making up vile stories she didn’t bother to tell her again.

But the scarf would have to go. Yes, as sad as it was, it would definitely have to go.

Alice couldn’t help but shed a tear as she put a match to her cherished blue scarf.

Strangling her mother with it had seemed a good idea at the time, but now Alice realised it probably hadn’t been a good idea at all.

Daddy would have approved, though, she was sure of that.

After all, he had always said he loved her more than mummy. Especially when he was tickling her.

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