Poetry was a form of writing I never really took to.

I think it was all that ‘season of mellow fruitfulness’ and ‘the boy stood on the burning deck’ malarkey.

Later, though, I discovered The Liverpool Poets, John Cooper Clarke, Stevie Smith and then realised that Bob Dylan, ElvisCostello, Leonard Cohen, k.d.lang, the Beatles, even the Rolling Stones were great poets, the Keats and Shelleys of our times.

My output is slight but here are two I am proud of.

Of ‘The Colours of Australia’, which was written as a TVC for Pacific Film, the great Oz actor John Mellion who narrated it said, “Typical,  takes a f******g pom to come over and tell us how great our own country is”.

‘I loved you so much’ comes from the heart and is a sentiment I think a lot of people will understand and have empathy with.