For crying out loud.

Now Robbie Norris is the kind of driver that gives cabbies a good name, and goodness there aren’t enough of those about.

He’s the one that gets out of his cab to help little, old ladies in; and then gets out again to help them out. The kind who takes your luggage to the door step instead of leaving it for you with the rubbish in the gutter.

But Robbie isn’t driving a cab at the moment and from what he’s saying he might not drive one again.

What happened could have happened to any of us, Robbie’s good heart led him to breaking a rule and it came back to bite him on the bum.

You see, he was driving past a large shopping complex when he saw two young Mums laden down with the family shopping and both with babe-in-arms trying to get a cab.  The problem was there were no cabs around.

Now Robbie was on his way home and travelling in the opposite direction but, being the knight in checkered cab that he was, he turned round to help.

Now the rule is that babies under a year old, and the two babes clearly were, have to travel in a baby capsule of which there is only one in each cab. Robbie explained this to the two young Mums and told them he could only take one of them.

Well this, of course, was a problem and the two begged him to take them both. ‘They lived next door to each other’ ‘It would be so unfair to leave one of them in the freezing cold’. ‘Both babies needed feeding’. ‘There were no other cabs around’. ‘They’d been waiting half an hour already’. ‘It wasn’t a long journey, just round the corner really’.

The reasons flew thick and fast and Robbie gave in. Both women got into the cab, one baby went into the capsule, and the other was held firmly in his mother’s arms. Well, I suppose you can guess the rest.

Robbie was driving across an intersection when another car went across the red light and smashed into the side of his cab, throwing the baby being held in arms across the cab, badly hurting it and the other Mother.

Although not a fatal accident, it was bad enough and, of course, when they police arrived they had no choice but to cart Robbie off to the station for breaching rules and regulations and putting a young baby’s life in danger.

The two mothers were hysterical and said not a word in his favour although it was by doing them a favour he had got himself in so much trouble.

Still, although I hate to say it, it was his own fault. Rules are for fools, and you’re the fool if you break them.